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Every week, we donate fruit and veg to COPE, a Galway-based charity who work to improve the quality ..

€25.00 Ex Tax: €25.00

Yogi Tea The Finest Selection, 18pc [V] [GF]

 Yogi Tea The Finest Selection, 18pc [V] [GF] Discover your inner balance. In today's hectic li..

€3.59 Ex Tax: €3.59

100% IRISH Box [Plastic Free]

Support your local Irish organic farmers and add this box of freshly harvested veggies to your baske..

€25.00 Ex Tax: €25.00

12 x Tin of Chopped Tomatoes, Bunalun

12 x 400gr (BULK) Ingredients: Peeled Chopped Tomatoes..

€16.68 Ex Tax: €16.68

6 Large Organic Eggs, IRISH

6 fresh large organic eggs from Down To Earth organic farm in Shrule Co. Mayo..

€3.25 Ex Tax: €3.25

Achill Sea Salt 75g

An award winning pure and natural Irish Sea Salt, hand harvested from the wild Atlantic waters that ..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Aioli Vegan, Byodo, 250ml [V] [GF] [PF]

Aioli Vegan, Byodo, 250ml [V] [GF] [PF]The vegan aioli is a real winner among the Byodo sauces, extr..

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

All Purpose Spray Citrus, Lilly's Eco Clean, 500ml [V]

All Purpose Spray Citrus, Lily's Eco Clean, 500ml [V]Irish Made produce from Co. Galway.100% recycle..

€3.79 Ex Tax: €3.08

Almond Milk Unsweetened, Provamel, 1L [GF] [V]

Provamel organic almond milk unsweetened  (1 ltr) ..

€3.29 Ex Tax: €3.29

Almond Yogurt, Natural, 400ml [V] [GF]

Almond start is a vegetable variation on yogurt based on almonds. Be surpr..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Almonds, 250g [PF]

Organic Almonds in Compostable Packaging!250g..

€5.99 Ex Tax: €5.99

Almonds, 750g, BULK PACK [PF]

Organic Almonds in Compostable Packaging!BULK PACK, 750g..

€14.99 Ex Tax: €14.99

Aluminium Foil Recycled [PF]

10 Metre recycled Aluminium FoilIf You Care Aluminum Foil is made with 100% recycled aluminum. While..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.24

Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw, IRISH, 500ml

Clashganny Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (500ml)Description:This organic unfiltered 100% pure apple ci..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €6.99

Apple Juice, 1L [PF]

Made from freshly pressed organic apples and nothing else!Ingredients: Freshly squeezed apple j..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.24

Apple Juice, Battlemount, 750ml [V] [GF] [PF]

Apple Juice, Battlemount, 750ml [V] [GF] [PF]Made from freshly pressed organic Irish Apples!Ingredie..

€4.26 Ex Tax: €3.46

Apple Puree Unsweetened, 700g [PF]

IngredientsApples *, * = Organic..

€2.89 Ex Tax: €2.89

Apples, BULK, 5kg, [BULK] -9%

Apples, BULK, 5kg, [BULK]

Fresh Organic Breaburn Apples from Germany...

€31.72 €28.87 Ex Tax: €28.87

Apples, IRISH/GER, 500g

Fresh and Lovely Organic Apples Jonagold from Co. Waterford (Class I) or beautiful Breaburn apples f..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Apricot Jam, YON, 250g [PF] [V] [GF]

Apricot Jam, YON, 250g [PF] [V] [GF]Your Org..

€2.39 Ex Tax: €2.39

Apricots Dried, 250g [PF]

Organic Dried Apricots in Compostable Packaging!250g..

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Arborio Risotto Rice, 400g [PF]

Ekoplaza Organic Arborio Risotto Rice (400g)..

€2.89 Ex Tax: €2.89

Artichoke Globe, 1pc

One globe artichoke from France, 1pc..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Artichoke Jerusalem, 250g

Jerusalem Artichoke (250g) from Holland.What are Jerusalem artichokes?This vegetable is not truly an..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Asparagus Green, 250g

Lovely fresh green Asparagus from Peru...

€5.99 Ex Tax: €5.99

Aubergine, 1pc

Lovely Organic Aubergine from Holland...

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Avocado, 1pc

Organic Avocado Hass from Spain.Please note: although we make every effort to send you ripe produce,..

€1.19 Ex Tax: €1.19

Baking Cups Large, 60pc [PF]

60 compostable paper baking cups for large cupcakes or muffins...

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.02

Baking Mix Apple Pie, 440g [V]*

Baking Mix Apple Pie, De Rit, 440g [V]*Lovely Organic Dutch Baking Mix Apple Pie.[V]* Baking Mix Veg..

€3.19 Ex Tax: €3.19

Baking Mix Brownies, De Rit, 400g

Baking Mix Brownies, De Rit, 400gIngredients:Cane sugar *, corn starch *, dark chocolate pieces * (c..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.69

Baking Mix Whole Wheat Bread, Demeter, 500g [V] [PF]

Baking Mix Whoele Wheat Bread, Demeter, Hermus, 500gIngredients:WHEAT flour [GLUTEN] **, WHEAT flour..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Baking Paper, Compostable [PF]

19.8 m of Compostable Parchment Baking Paper.Made from unbleached totally chlorine-free (TCF) grease..

€5.99 Ex Tax: €4.87

Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml [PF]

Our five year old aged Balsamic Vinegar is made at the Fattoria degli Orsi family farm in Modena, wh..

€5.79 Ex Tax: €5.79

Bamboo Toothbrush, Adult [PF]

Bamboo toothbrush with BPA-free bristleHumble Brush – the world’s most sold bamboo toothbrush for ad..

€4.91 Ex Tax: €3.99

Bamboo Toothbrush, Kids [PF]

Bamboo children's toothbrush with ultra soft BPA-free bristles. Your kid's are going to love th..

€4.91 Ex Tax: €3.99

Bananas, bunch of 5

Fresh Organic Bananas from Ecuador. Fairtrade when possible.Please note: Although we make every ef..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Basil Plant, 1pc [biodegradable pot]

Basil Plant, 1pc [biodegradable pot]Organic Basil Plant from Holland...

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Basmati Rice Brown, Wholegrain, 1kg, BULK PACK [PF]

Ingredients Basmati rice whole wheat*,*= Organic1kg Bulk Pack..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.99

Basmati Rice Brown, Wholegrain, 500g [PF]

Ingredients Basmati rice whole wheat*,*= Organic..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Basmati Rice White, 1kg, BULK PACK [PF]

IngredientsBasmati rice white*,*= Organic..

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49

Basmati Rice White, 500g [PF]

Ekoplaza Basmati Rice 500g..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Beans French, 250g

Organic and Fresh French Beans from Morocco...

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Beetroots, IRISH, 500g

Freshly Harvested New Season Bunched Beetroot from our Farm!..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Berry Fruit, Solaris Tea, 15pc [PF] [GF] [V]

Berry Fruit, Solaris Tea [PF] [GF] [V]Biodegradable Pyramid Teabags 15x2gThis infusion from Sol..

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49

Blakes Organic Kefir, 750ml

Kefir is a yoghurt style drink, exceptionally rich in nutrients and probiotics, aiding digestion a..

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49

Blend 45 Botanical, Vita Plantae, 350gr [GF] [V]

Blend 45 Botanical, Vita Plantae, 350gr [GF] [V]Vita Plantae Botanical 45 Blend made from 45 Organic..

€14.99 Ex Tax: €14.99

Blue Cheese The Little Milk Co. IRISH, 125g

This Organic Blue is a unique, strong flavoured and wonderfully creamy blue cheese. Made from past..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Blueberries, 1 punnet, 125g

Fresh Blueberries from Argentina...

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Blueberries, 2 punnets, 125g -7%

Blueberries, 2 punnets, 125g

Fresh Blueberries from Argentina...

€6.98 €6.49 Ex Tax: €6.49

Blueberry Jam, YON, 250g [PF]

Organic Blueberry Jam...

€2.69 Ex Tax: €2.69

Brazil Nuts, 150g [PF]

Organic Brazil Nuts in Compostable Packaging!150g..

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Broccoli Purple Sprouting, IRISH, 250g

Purple Sprouting Broccoli from our Farm...

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Broccoli, 1pc

Organic Broccoli from Spain...

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Buckwheat Flour, YON, 500g [PF] [V]

Buckwheat Flour, Your Organic Nature, 500g [PF] [V]This flour is made from seeds of the herbaceous b..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Buckwheat, 500g [PF]

Ekoplaza Organic Buckwheat (500g)Description: Buckwheat is naturally gluten-free, rich in prote..

€2.29 Ex Tax: €2.29

Build Your Own Box [Pick 13 items]

Build Your Own 30 Euro Box. Choose 13 items from the list provided!Please note: Sometimes an item th..

€30.00 Ex Tax: €30.00

Bumper Veg Box [Plastic Free]

Our new “Bumper Veg Box” has a wide variety of veg.  Lots of carrots and potatoes plus all the ..

€33.75 Ex Tax: €33.75

Burger Buns Gluten Free, Schnitzer, 125g [GF]

Burger Buns Gluten Free, Schnitzer, 125g (2pc)Gluten Free Organic corn rolls with sesame seeds for b..

€2.69 Ex Tax: €2.69

Burger Buns, O Mundo, 250g  [V] -7%

Burger Buns, O Mundo, 250g [V]

Organic Burger Buns, 250g (4pc)Bake your burger buns briefly in the oven at 200C (180C fan oven). De..

€2.69 €2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Butter Biscuits, Dark Chocolate, 150g

Organic French Dark chocolate butter biscuit (150g) Dark chocolate * 48% (cocoa paste *, cane sug..

€4.19 Ex Tax: €3.41

Butter Biscuits, Milk Chocolate, 150g

Ingredients: Milk chocolate * 48% (cane sugar *, cocoa butter *, whole milk powder *, cocoa mass..

€4.19 Ex Tax: €3.41

Butter Galette Biscuits, 130g

Ingredients:Milk chocolate * 48% (cane sugar *, cocoa butter *, whole milk powder *, cocoa mass *, ..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.63

Butter Salted, 250g

Butter Salted, Weerribben Zuivel, 250gOrganic farmer's butter, produced in the Netherlands, wit..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Butter Unsalted, 250g

Butter Unsalted...

€3.19 Ex Tax: €3.19

Butternut Squash, 1pc

Lovely Organic Butternut Squash from Spain...

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Cabbage January King, IRISH, 1pc

Cabbage January King from Ireland...

€2.79 Ex Tax: €2.79

Cabbage Pointed, 1pc

Fresh Organic New season Pointed Cabbage from Spain...

€2.79 Ex Tax: €2.79

Cabbage Red, IRISH, 1pc

Lovely Organic Red Cabbage from Ireland.Minimum 400g...

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Cabbage Savoy, IRISH, 1pc

Lovely Organic Savoy Cabbage from our Farm...

€2.79 Ex Tax: €2.79

Cacao Powder, Happy Chocolate, 250g [PF] [V] [GF]

Cacao Powder, Happy Chocolate, 250g [PF] [V] [GF]This cocoa powder is made..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Canadian Maple Syrup, 189ml

Canadian Maple Syrup, 189mlA rich tasting, 100% Organic, Certified Canadian Maple Syrup..

€6.49 Ex Tax: €6.49

Carrots, 800g

Fresh Organic Washed Carrots from UK...

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Carrots, BULK, 5kg [BULK] -5%

Carrots, BULK, 5kg [BULK]

Lovely Washed Organic Carrots from UK...

€12.43 €11.81 Ex Tax: €11.81

Cashew Nuts, 120g [PF]

Cashew Nuts Whole from 'Your Organic Nature'.Ingredients: Cashew nuts (unroasted).  The ca..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Cashews Nuts, 600g, BULK PACK [PF]

Organic Cashew Nuts in Compostable Packaging!BULK PACK, 600g..

€12.49 Ex Tax: €12.49

Cat Food, 2.4kg

Tasty dry food for cats with 28% chicken. The combination of chicken and grains ensures good digesti..

€24.99 Ex Tax: €24.99

Cauliflower, 1pc

Beautiful Organic Cauliflower from France...

€4.49 Ex Tax: €4.49

Celeriac, 800g

Fresh Organic Celeriac from Holland...

€3.19 Ex Tax: €3.19

Celery, 1pc

Tasty Organic Celery from Spain...

€2.39 Ex Tax: €2.39

Cheese Mature Grated, Bio Organic, 150g [GF]

Cheese Mature Grated, Holland Bio Organic, 150g Organic and delicious..

€2.69 Ex Tax: €2.69

Chia Seeds, 250g [PF]

Organic Chia Seeds from 'Your Organic Nature'.Chia seed is rich in, among other things, omega-3, fib..

€3.29 Ex Tax: €3.29

Chives Plant, 1pc [biodegradable pot]

FRESH Chives Plant, 1pc [biodegradable pot]Fresh Organic Chives from Holland.Snip chives with scisso..

€2.79 Ex Tax: €2.79

Chocolate & Almond Spread, Palm Oil Free, 270g [GF] [V]

Chocolate & Almond Spread, Palm Oil Free, 270g [GF] [V]Ingredients: ..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Chocolate Dark 75%, Vivani, 80g [GF] [PF] [V]

Panama Cocoa | vegan | with coconut blossom sugar Mild and natural with character..

€3.19 Ex Tax: €2.59

Chocolate Dark 85%, Vivani, 100g [GF] [PF] [V]

Santo Domingo Cocoa | vegan The highlight for all gourmets and lovers of superi..

€3.19 Ex Tax: €2.59

Chocolate Dark 99%, Vivani, 80g [PF] [V]

Panama Cocoa | vegan | with coconut blossom sugar Pure Panama cocoa and a hint o..

€3.19 Ex Tax: €2.59

Chocolate Dark Cassis, 100g [PF]

60 % Santo Domingo Cocoa Fine dark chocolate filled wit..

€3.92 Ex Tax: €3.19

Chocolate Dark Marzipan & Amaretto, Vivani, 100g [PF]

Chocolate Dark Marzipan & Amaretto, Vivani, 100g [PF]This Vivani dark chocolate bar is filled wi..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.43

Chocolate Dark Nougat, Vivani, 100g [PF] [V]

Dark chocolate with a clear hint of finest n..

€3.19 Ex Tax: €2.59

Chocolate Dark Peppermint, Vivani, 100g [PF]

68 % Santo Domingo Cocoa | with peppermint oil The finest dark chocolate with a..

€3.19 Ex Tax: €2.59