Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit

Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit

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Brazil Nuts, 150g

Brazil nuts from Bolivia..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.99

Walnuts, 150g

Organic Walnuts from Holland..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Almonds, 150g

Organic almonds from Spain..

€4.49 Ex Tax: €4.49

Cashew Nuts, 120g [PF]

Cashew Nuts Whole (120g) from 'Your Organic Nature'.Ingredients: Cashew nuts (unroasted).  ..

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Mixed Nuts, 200g [PF]

Organic Mixed Nuts (200g) from ''Your Organic Nature'. Ingredients: Hazelnuts, almonds, walnut piec..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.99

Pine Nuts, 80g [PF]

Organic Pine Nuts (80g) from 'Your Organic Nature'.The pine nuts from Your Organic Nature are delici..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.99

Hazelnuts, 150g

Organic Hazelnuts..

€4.49 Ex Tax: €4.49

Macadamia Nuts, 125g [PF]

Crunchy, Creamy & Packed Full of Goodness. Rich in essential amino acids, high in protein and Ir..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Macadamia Nuts Sea Salted, 50g

Sea Salted,  Crunchy & Creamy Macadamias; rich in essential amino acids & high in prote..

€4.42 Ex Tax: €3.59

Pecan Nuts, 150g [PF]

Rich in fibre, antioxidants and packed with 19 vitamins and minerals these popular pecans boost card..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €6.99

Chia Seeds, 250g [PF]

Organic Chia Seeds (250g) from 'Your Organic Nature'.Chia seed is rich in, among other things, omega..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Sesame Seeds, 250g [PF]

Organic sesame seeds (250g) from Ekoplaza. Sesame seeds are delicious in yoghurt and muesli or ..

€1.79 Ex Tax: €1.79

Pumpkin Seeds, 250g [PF]

Organic Pumpkin Seeds (250g) from 'Ekoplaza'.Pumpkin seeds are delicious in salads, home-baked bread..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Linseed, 200g [PF]

200g organic linseed from 'Your Organic Nature'.Linseed is the seed of the flax plant. It has a nutt..

€1.69 Ex Tax: €1.69

Sunflower Seeds, 250g [PF]

Organic Sunflower Seeds (250g) from 'Ekoplaza'.Sunflower seeds are delicious in salads and muesli or..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Seedless Dates, 250g [PF]

Pre-packed organic seedless dates (250g) [PF]Dates are high in nutrients and in dietary fibre, ..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Raisins, 250g

Pre-packed organic Raisins (250g)..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.69

Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit

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