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Wine White, Vinedo Sauvignon Blanc, Spain, 750ml 1


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Wine White, Vinedo Sauvignon Blanc, Spain, 750ml 1

Spain – Vinedo de la Vida Verdejo/Sauvignon

12% Vol. 750ml

Back in the 80’s, 28 winegrowing families decided to join forces to make wines and market them in bottles to show the world what La Mancha was capable of producing. Up to this point, most la Mancha wines were sold in bulk. Right in the heart of Don Quixote territory, they reorganized the vineyard and planted new varietal before building a state of the art cellar to deliver wines which speak of origin and modernity. 30 years later, they started Organic farming on some of the land and produce wines which have clear taste and great digestability.
Blend: Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc. A very fruity wine with gentle acidity and loads of melon and stone fruits on the palate.

 Gluten Free