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Brown Cane Sugar, YON, 500g 1

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Brown Cane Sugar, YON, 500g 1

Whole Cane Sugar, YON, 500g [V]

Are you looking for an alternative to coconut blossom sugar or palm sugar? Dried sugarcane juice is very sweet in unrefined form. The juice is dried and small granules are formed from it. In the preparation of ancient sugar no vitamins and minerals are lost, so that all nutrients are present in it. It has a stronger taste than normal cane sugar. Suitable for sweetening everything you used other sweeteners for before!


Cane sugar*, * = Organic

Nutritional value:

Energy 1680 kcal (400 kJ)

Total fat 0 gram

Saturated fat 0 gram

Unsaturated fat 0 gram

Fat polyunsaturated 0 gram

Carbs 99.5 gram

Sugars 99.5 gram

Dietery fibers 0 gram

Protein 0.5 gram

Salt 0 gram