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Vegan Cheese Cashew w/ Black Pepper, Ferme, 90g


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Vegan Cheese Cashew w/ Black Pepper, Ferme, 90g

Vegan Cashew Cheese with Black Pepper, Ferme, 90g
Unlike other vegan cheeses, they have not attempted to reproduce a cheese flavor. They have marketed products that are very tasty, but have their own unique taste. No direct cheese substitutes, but products that can be used instead of cheese. This herb cheese fits perfectly on a snack board, but it is also a very tasty snack. It comes in a 'block', but is also very spreadable.

Cashews* 70%, Water, Salt 1.5%, Ground black pepper* 0.4%, Onion powder*, Lactic acid bacteria, *Organic

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy             430 kcal (1782 kJ)

Total fat               35 gram

Saturated fat      6.8 gram

Carbs               12 gram

Sugars              1.2 gram

Dietery fibers     3.5 gram

Protein                15 gram

Salt                       1.5 gram