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Tofu Silk, De Hobbit, 400g

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Tofu Silk, De Hobbit, 400g

Tofu Silk, De Hobbit, 300g [V]

Tofu is an indispensable product in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Tofu is made from curdled soy milk and contains all essential amino acids. Unlike the "normal" or "firm" tofu, the soy milk for silken tofu is curdled in the packaging, which makes this tofu very soft and creamy, ideal for use as a base for sauces, quiches or desserts. This tofu is easy to use; to be used in a recipe in the same way as milk and/or eggs.


Water, SOYbeans*, firming agent (calcium sulphate) *= Organic

Nutritional Values:

Energy66 kcal (275 kJ)
Total fat3.3 g
Saturated fat0.6 g
Carbs2.6 g
Sugars1 g
Dietery fibers0.2 g
Protein6.4 g
Salt0.04 g