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Thyme, Sonnentor, 25g


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Thyme, Sonnentor, 25g

Thyme, Sonnentor, 20g [V][PF]
The classic of French cuisine - from Provence to the provinces. Thyme seasons ratatouille and bouillabaisse, mushrooms, pies and sauces. Legend has it that thyme makes you invulnerable. Had this been known to Achilles, we would not have to read verses about his heel today. Légendaire!

Thyme Cut Organic.

Store cool and closed.

About Sonnentor:

SONNENTOR is a successful Austrian company.
Everything started with an idea from Johannes Gutmann in the year 1988.

We take our responsibility seriously.
Therefore, our commitment goes far beyond our diverse organic product range.
Whether human or nature, we are convinced that only respectful conduct is sustainable. It is nice to see that our work bears fruit.