Granola, Coconut Nuts & Seeds, YON, 375g [V]

Granola, Coconut Nuts & Seeds, YON, 375g [V]

Granola, Coconut Nuts & Seeds, YON, 375g

A granola that is simply richly filled and sweetened with wheat syrup. A breakfast that not only fills, but also feeds.
A mix of grains, nuts (pecans, almonds, cashews), kernels and coconut! The nice thing about this granola? Because it is roasted it gets a delicious taste and crispy bite. And you can enjoy it every day!
For example in your breakfast, lunch or as a snack. It is delicious because of yogurt, cottage cheese, milk or as a snack. Think of homemade bars!

Oat flakes *, wheat syrup *, * RYE, barley *, coconut * 8.6%, non-hydrogenated Palm fats *, wheat flakes *, wheat flour *, sunflower seeds * 4.3% 4.3%, Pecan, pumpkin seeds * * 4.3%, almond * 3% * 3%, cashew, coconut, cinnamon *.
* = Organic

Nutricional Values:

Energy = 454.9 kcal (1903 kJ)
Total fat = 22.1 gram
Saturated fat = 10.6 gram
Carbs = 48.7 gram
Sugars = 9.7 gram
Dietery fiberS = 6.6 gram
Protein = 12 gram
Salt = 0.16 gram

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