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Cheese Sticks w/ Sesame/Poppy Seed, De Rit, 100g


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Cheese Sticks w/ Sesame/Poppy Seed, De Rit, 100g

Sticks Goat Cheese, Sesame & Poppy Seed,  De Rit, 100g

These cheese sticks from De Rit are perfect for the goat cheese lover!

They have a subtle goat cheese flavor and are richly filled with sesame and poppy seeds.
They are made with real butter for full flavor. Delicious, pure and responsibly tasty. You can really enjoy that. Delicious for a (Bio) drink, a party or just in between.


WHEAT flour*, BUTTER* 30%, SESAME seeds* 8%, Vegetarian goat CHEESE* 3%, Sea salt, Poppy seed* 2%, Whole EGG powder*,* = Organic

Nutritional values:

Energy555 kcal (2312 kJ)
Total fat36.8 gram
Saturated fat22.1 gram
Carbs44.9 gram
Sugars0.3 gram
Dietery fibers1.7 gram
Protein10.2 gram
Salt2.8 gram