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Spaghetti Wholegrain Pasta, Bunalun, 500g 1


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Spaghetti Wholegrain Pasta, Bunalun, 500g 1

Spaghetti Wholegrain, Bunalun, 500g [V]

One of a range of authentic pastas made by traditional methods from Durum wheat and spring water in the Dolomites in the Italian Alps. It's high in fibre and a great source of protein. 

Instructions: Cook in plenty of boiling water for 9-11 minutes. Approximately 80g per person.


Organic Durum, Whole Wheat Semolina, Water

Nutritional values

Energy348 kcal (1471 kJ)
Total fat2.2 gram
Saturated fat0.4 gram
Carbs66 gram

3.5 gram

Dietary fibers8.0 gram
Protein12 gram
Salt0.004 gram