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Rice Drink, Ekoplaza, 1L


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Rice Drink, Ekoplaza, 1L

Rice Drink, 1L, Ekoplaza [V] [GF]

Ekoplaza rice drink is a refreshing vegetable drink based on organic rice from Italy and rice oil. This rice drink is unsweetened, lactose and gluten free and contains a low level of saturated fats. The naturally slightly sweet taste makes this drink a delicious alternative to a glass of milk. Also delicious in combination with breakfast cereals, in cold or warm dishes, desserts and smoothies.

Water, rice* 14%, sunflower oil*, salt,* = Organic

Nutritional values:

Energy52 kcal (220 kJ)
Total fat0.9 g
Saturated fat0.2 g
Carbs10.8 g
Sugars7 g
Protein0.2 g
Salt0.08 g