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Radler Beer Budels, Nonalcoholic, 6pc


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Radler Beer Budels, Nonalcoholic, 6pc

Beer Radler, Budels, non-alcoholic, 6pc

A deliciously refreshing mixed drink from Budels organic beer and organic lemonade. 100% organic raw materials. With an alcohol content of 0.0%. For every moment!

 Plastic Free


Sparkling water,BARLEY malt*, hops*, sugar*, yeast, lemon concentrate (2%)*, lemon juice*, locust bean gum**= Organically grown

Nutritional value:

Energy 43 kcal (180 kJ)

Total fat 0 gram

Saturated fat 0 gram

Unsaturated fat 0 gram

Fat polyunsaturated 0 gram

Carbs 9.6 gram

Sugars 0 gram

Dietery fibers 6.4 gram

Protein 0.2 gram

Salt 0 gram