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Quinoa Nuggets, Soto, 195g


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Quinoa Nuggets, Soto, 195g

Quinoa Nuggets, SOTO, 195g [V]

Delicious mini burger made from vegetables and quinoa with sunflower seeds. Carefully made by hand.

Quinoa* 29%, CARROTS* 14%, broccoli* 12%, chickpea flour*, sunflower seeds* 11%, courgettes* 7%, onions* 7%, CORN groats*, parsley*, seasalt*, spices (contains MUSTARD), lemo juice*, sunflower oil*, * = Organic

Nutritional values:

Energy263 kcal (1090 kJ)
Total fat16.2 g
Saturated fat2 g
Carbs17.2 g
Sugars3.7 g
Dietery fibers8.6 g
Protein7.9 g
Salt1.3 g