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Purple Sweet Potatoes Murasaki 300g

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Purple Sweet Potatoes Murasaki 300g

Fresh and Organic Purple Sweet Potatoes (white inside) from Holland.

The "Purple" is purple both internally and externally! The purple sweet potato contains a lot of beta-carotene and antioxidants, making it very suitable for a healthy diet. Because, like Murasaki and Bonita, it contains a bit more dry matter than the orange types, it also bakes a bit crisper. The great thing about the purple sweet potato is that the internal color is very well preserved, even after it has been cooked or baked. This makes it also very suitable for garnish. The sweet potatoes are perhaps even more versatile than the regular potato! The sweet, soft taste makes the potato very tasty in savory and sweet dishes. From oven dishes and fries to brownies; the sweet potato gives it flavor!