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Pita Bread Spelt, Florentin, 4pc


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Pita Bread Spelt, Florentin, 4pc

Pita Bread Spelt, Florentin, 4pc [V]
Pita bread is known as the "pocket" bread, which makes it easy to use for sandwich filling. The Pita bread is made following traditional recipe. The smell of fresh dough and bread will reach you when the package is opened.

Wheat flour* (70%) (gluten), water, yeast, sea-salt, * = from organic cultivation

Serve the Pita bread with a layer of Hummus salad, Falafel balls and fresh cut salad. Or slice the bread in triangles, bake in the oven with a bit of olive oil and herbs and use them as tortilla chips with Florentin dip sauces.

Nutritional values:

Typical valuesPer 100g
Energy253 kcal/1058kJ
Total Fat1.8 g
Saturated Fat0.2 g
Carbs47.3 g
Sugars0.5 g
Fibre4.4 g
Protein9.1 g
Salt1 g