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Pickled Gherkins Sour, YON, 670g


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Pickled Gherkins Sour, YON, 670g

Pickled Gherkins, YON, 670g [PF] [V]

These pickles are ideal for all kinds of occasions.
Delicious on the go at a party, in pieces in the salad or as an addition to a bread salad.
Without added sugars, with the trusted quality of Your Organic Nature.

Gherkins *, wine vinegar *, herbal vinegar *, sea salt, dill *, MUSTARD seed *, spices * (onions *, coriander*, fennel *, pepper *). Strengthening agent: calcuim citrate. = * Organic

Nutritional Values:

Energy14 kcal (59 kJ)
Total fat0.2 gram
Saturated fat0.1 gram
Carbs2.2 gram
Sugars1 gram
Protein0.6 gram
Salt1.5 gram