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Pear Juice, Luna e Terra, 700ml


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Pear Juice, Luna e Terra, 700ml

Pear Juice, Luna e Terra, 700ml [PF][V]

Biological-dynamic goes one step further than biological: Demeter-certified farmers must meet extra high requirements. The biodynamic pears are taken from biodynamic growers, who work year after year to build a living soil, from which they and their generations can harvest. The fruit trees grow on their own. They are deeply rooted in full soil and are naturally strong. Immediately after harvest, the ripe fruit is pressed and bottled, the unfiltered juice does not come out of concentrate and is heated for a while to extend its shelf life. Tasty, full-bodied, and vital juices from close to nature. The apples come from orchards, among others. from Germany. Fruit trees are valuable for insects, birds and thus give color and life to the landscape.
After opening keep refrigerated and use within 5 days. Shake before use.

Pear juice**, ** = Demeter (organic-dynamic)

Nutritional information:

Typical values
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Of Which Sugars

Per 100g
0.1 gram
0 gram
11.5 gram
11 gram
0 gram
0.1 gram
0 gram