We deliver to every address on the island of Ireland...

Do we deliver to your home? YES - we deliver to every address in Ireland either as part of our local delivery route or via courier. If your address is part of our local route the cost of the delivery is €4.50. If your address is on our courier route the shipping cost is €7.95 (delivered by DPD). Note: if you are a frontline healthcare worker we'll deliver to you absolutely free of charge for the duration of the Covid crisis - please contact us for info.  

  • LOCAL OR DPD? Please review the map and the address search tool below to figure out if your home is on our local or courier delivery route. Note: even though our farm is in Galway our "local delivery" includes some parts of Kerry, Mayo, Limerick, Wicklow, Dublin and Meath. (FYI: the local drivers start at 6am). 
  • ORDER DEADLINES: Before you place your order, please review the order deadline and corresponding delivery day in the address search tool below. If you miss the order deadline you should expect to receive the delivery the following week on the designated delivery day for your area. Also, please note the contents of our set boxes change every week (website is updated on Friday afternoon for the following week). 
  • DPD items that cannot be delivered: If your address is part of our courier route - unfortunately DPD couriers do not allow us to pack fragile items like eggs, Mossfield milk,  ALL yoghurt, fresh cress, grapes and stone fruit (i.e. nectarines, peaches, plums) in the courier box, so if you order any of these products via courier we will have to refund you for these items. You will receive an automatic email to say these items are 'out of stock' and you will receive a refund automatically. Many thanks for your understanding. 
  • WORK ADDRESS: We can deliver to work addresses but before you place your order please make sure that the office is open on your assigned delivery day and that there is a 'safe place' for the box to be left (especially if delivery occurs outside office hours). Our delivery is 'contactless' - no signature required.
  • DELIVERY TIME / SAFE PLACE: For local delivery, the delivery driver will leave the box in your designated 'Safe place' (that you have specified on your online order or in your account) to limit their contact as part of our new COVID-19 delivery guidelines. The driver will leave your box on your front doorstep in the event that a designated 'safe place’ has not been given. The estimated delivery time cannot be provided by our team as there are too many factors to take into account including traffic, our route optimisation software and the number of deliveries on the route. Please do NOT contact us for an ETA - instead please ensure that you have provided a 'safe place' as above. For DPD delivery, in most cases the driver will contact you in advance with a delivery window and you can provide ‘Safe place’ instructions at this time. Many thanks for your understanding, we appreciate your support.