Our 5 Pledges

  • 1. Always Organic

    We promise to only grow and supply organic, sustainable ingredients and products. This means we will produce food in a way that works with the environment and wildlife, not against it, and we will support other organic farmers and producers to do the same.

    Organic as a system is not perfect but it is a powerful framework to make a hugely positive impact on our local land and biodiversity, we see it in our fields every single day.

  • 2. Plastic Free

    Wherever possible, we promise to use plastic free packaging. To prevent food waste, a serious global environmental issue, this will not always be possible, but we pledge to constantly look at the best ways to get our products safely to you and update our packaging to reflect our comminment to the environment.

    Plastic can deflect from the bigger picture of climate change, but it is one solid place where we can see results fast. We use paper, cardboard and compostable bags and we reuse where we can.

  • 3. Locally Sourced

    We promise to bring you Irish produce wherever possible. To keep your kitchens well stocked with a diverse range of healthy food, we will also source organic, sustainable produce globally, but from as close to home as possible. We promise to never use air-freight.

    The farm was started to produce local food. Where quality is not an issue we will always buy Irish organic produce even though the price can sometimes be much higher.

  • 4. Speak Up

    We promise to never stay silent about important environmental issues because the damage we are doing to our only home as human beings is real. We will regularly share information and positive actions that we can all take to play our part in reversing climate change.

    We will create helpful and informative content to discuss what we can all to do change, and we promise to pull no punches when it comes to saying how it really is.

  • 5. Carbon Neutral

    We promise to use renewable energy on the farm and in other areas of our business wherever possible. We will offset other energy uses by planting trees on our farm

    We have 11kw solar electricity system on our packing shed. We have planted over 7,000 trees since 2006. We will continue planting trees on the farm every year until we run out of space to plant.