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Mugi Miso, TerraSana, 350g 1


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Mugi Miso, TerraSana, 350g 1

Mugi Miso, TerraSana, 350g [V][PF]
This mugi miso from Terrasana is made with barley koji. That means adding koji (a fermentation starter) to cooked barley. This is then mixed with soybeans in wooden barrels. The aging process in these barrels takes 1 to 2 years. This mugi is perhaps the most versatile miso in terms of taste and suitable for the preparation of various dishes.


SOY beans*, BARLEY*, Water, Sea salt, Koji-ferment, * = Organic

Nutritional values:

Typical valuesPer 100g
Energy145 kcal/606kJ
Total Fat5.6 g
Saturated Fat0.7 g
Carbs14.6 g
Sugars5.6 g
Dietary Fibres5.1 g
Protein11.2 g
Salt 11.5 g