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Millet, 500g


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Millet, 500g

Millet, Ekoplaza, 500g [PF] [V]

Organic Millet from Ekoplaza.
Millet is one of the most important foods in Africa and Asia. Millet is naturally gluten-free, contains many carbohydrates and is a good substitute for rice, for example.

How to use:
Use about 75 grams per person and add 2.5 times the amount of water.
Cook 20 minutes for al dente millet and 25 to 30 minutes for soft millet.
After boiling, let the millet simmer for another 10 minutes.
Tip: by roasting millet instead of cooking, a delicious nutty taste is created!

Nutritional values:

Energy335 kcal (1402 kJ)
Total fat3.4 gram
Saturated fat0.7 gram
Unsaturated fat0.77 gram
Fat polyunsaturated2.13 gram
Carbs61.5 gram
Sugars0 gram
Dietery fibers10 gram
Protein13.3 gram
Natrium0.005 gram
Salt0 gram