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Vegan Mayonnaise, Ekoplaza, 370ml 1


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Vegan Mayonnaise, Ekoplaza, 370ml 1

Mayonnaise Vegan, Ekoplaza, 370ml [V][PF]

This is a special mayo.
It is prepared without an egg and therefore completely vegetable.
A full-fledged and tasty mayonnaise replacement for lovers of vegetable products.
Delicious with snacks, on a sandwich or as a base for dressing in a salad!


Water, Sunflower oil*, Apple vinegar*, Rice Starch*, MUSTARDSEED*, Agave Syrup*, Sea Salt, White pepper*, Acidifier: citric acid,
* = Organic

Nutricional Values:

Energy      398 kcal (1642 kJ) Total fat      40.6 gram Saturated fat      4.5 gram Unsaturated fat      0 gram Vet meervoudig onverzadigd      0 gram Carbs      7.7 gram Sugars      0 gram Dietery fibers      2 gram Protein      0.5 gram Salt      0 gram