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Dishwashing Liquid Basil & Vetiver, Marcel's Green, 500ml


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Dishwashing Liquid Basil & Vetiver, Marcel's Green, 500ml

Ecological Dishwash

Environmentally friendly but tough and merciless on that greasy glass or baked on pan. With organic oils and delicious perfumes, so that doing dishes (we hardly dare to say it) really becomes a ‘fragrant experience’.

Full of natural ingredients

And while you’re being absorbed by that intense experience, the skin on your hands is being cared for by the enriching ingredients. Do you know what? I can’t wait until when there are dishes to be done again. Like all Marcel’s Green Soap products, our dishwash contains no coloring agents, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or acids. Full of natural ingredients, 99% biodegradable. Enriched with organic bergamot oil and not tested on animals.

Finger-licking good (don't really lick them!)

The scent of Radishes is spicy and peppery. We have added Bergamot to these Radish scents. Orange oil from a Northern Italian village (thanks Wikipedia) adds a definite citrus tone together with a touch of sweetness. What a beautiful dishwashing product!


Anionic surfactants: 5 to 15%, amfoterische surfactants, perfume oil, organic basil, organic vetiverolie: < 5% warning. Causes serious eye irritation. In case of contact with eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.