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Kombu Kelp Seasoning, Wild Irish Seaweed, 70g 1


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Kombu Kelp Seasoning, Wild Irish Seaweed, 70g 1

Kombu Kelp Seasoning, Wild Irish Seaweed, 70g [V]

Kombu is one of the most important seaweeds in Japanese cuisine. It is versatile and delicious. Kombu is rich in umami the fifth human taste – which subtly enhances other ingredients. Kombu is located in the extreme lower part of the shore; because the plant is so large the holdfast is very large and is securely attached to rocks. It can be sustainably harvested during low spring tides.
Kelp helps to regulate thyroid hormones thanks to high level of Iodine. It can aid with recovery and dehydration. Improves metabolism and energy. Kelp is an alkaline food therefore it helps in maintaining pH balance in the body. 

Kelp has been shown to contain 46 minerals, 16 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and 11 different vitamins. Prominent among the minerals are iodine, salt, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. The lead vitamins in kelp are vitamin A and niacin.

Organic Kombu Kelp