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Hot Chocolate Drops, Belvas, 150g 1


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Hot Chocolate Drops, Belvas, 150g 1

Hot Chocolate Drops, Belvas, 120g [V]

Chocolate drops of 72% dark chocolate, filled with a creamy ganache. The drops melt in warm milk or a milk substitute to make a high-quality chocolate drink with an intense cocoa taste. The cocoa is fully traceable to Belvas' four partner cooperatives in Peru and Santo-Domingo.

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, shea butter*, cocoa butter*, cocoa powder*, vanilla*, *=Organic

Nutritional information:

Energy592 kcal (2151 kJ)
Total fat44 g
Saturated fat25.3 g
Carbs37.7 g
Sugars34.6 g
Protein5.8 g
Salt0.01 g