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Raw Honey Chestnut, Melino, 270g 1


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Raw Honey Chestnut, Melino, 270g 1

Honey Chestnut

Chestnut honey is a true forest honey. Dark in colour and less sweet it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Due to its naturally low glucose content it takes a long time to crystallise. Chestnut honey is harvested at the end of June to early July. 

Melino chestnut honey is produced from hives placed in the heart of the chestnut forests of Mt Pageon. It is an aromatic type of honey and its taste resembles that of caramel. Mix it with tahini or pollen and spread it on bread for an authentic Greek flavour.

The producer

Melino organic honeys are a Novakidis family creation. With three generations of experience the Novakidis are masters of the art of beekeeping. Their chestnut and arbutus honeys come from the pristine forests of Mt Pageon in Northern Greece. With the summit standing at 1956 meters, emblematic Mt Pageon is a monument of nature. As for their celebrated thyme honey it has its origins in the arid hills of the island of Lefkada in the Ionian sea.

The Novakidis being certified organic producers don't feed sugar to their bees during winter. Instead, they allow them to feed upon their own honey. No chemicals are used at any stage and the hives are placed away from any human activity. The extraction process is always cold and centrifugal delivering the 100% unfiltered, raw and organic Melino honey.