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Greek Style Coconut Yogurt, Abbot Kinney's, 400ml


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Greek Style Coconut Yogurt, Abbot Kinney's, 400ml

Greek Style Coconut Yoghurt, Abbot Kinney's, 350ml

Plant-based enjoyment, but then the Greek way! At Abbot Kinney's they thought it was time for plant-based variation. So they came up with this wonderfully creamy and thick yogurt, Greek style. It contains a similar amount of protein and fat to regular Greek yogurt. A creamy and thick structure that is wonderfully balanced by subtle acidity and a fresh taste. And as you are used to from Abbot Kinney's; without unnecessary additives. Pure enjoyment!

56% coconut milk *, (33% coconut extract *, aqueous), water, 3.8% Almond Protein *, starch *, thickener: guar gum *, yoghurt cultures** * = Organic ** = S.thermophilus, L.bulgaricus, L. paracasei, L. acidophilus, B. lactis.

Nutritional values:

Energy127 kcal (526 kJ)
Total fat11 g
Saturated fat9.9 g
Carbs3.8 g
Sugars1.3 g
Protein3 g
Salt0.01 g