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Mild Grated Cheese, Bio Organic, 150g


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Mild Grated Cheese, Bio Organic, 150g

Grated Cheese Mild, Bastiaansen, 150g

This mild & creamy grated cheese is made from milk from Dutch cows and is vegetarian curdled. Ideal for over lasagna, in pastas and quiches and over pizza. Or sneak a hand out of the bag.

 Gluten Free

Pasteurized COW'S MILK, calcium carbonate, salt, STARTER CULTURES (MILK), microbial rennet. *= Organic

Nutritional Values per 100g:

Energy378 kcal (1566 kJ)
Total fat31 g
Saturated fat21 g
Carbs0 g
Protein24 g
Salt1.5 g