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The Ultimate Granola, Rude Health, 500g


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The Ultimate Granola, Rude Health, 500g

Granola, The Ultimate, Rude Health, 400g

This ultimate granola will blow your mind. Made without refined sugars and it's multigrain, which means that it contains more grains than just oats. Spelt and barley mix is so tasty. The subtle sweetness comes from honey and date syrup. Roasted almonds and hazelnuts make it even more crunchy! 

Oats*, Spelt flakes*, Sunflower oil*, Honey*, Barley flakes*, Date syrup*, Roasted almonds*, Sunflower seeds*, Baked amaranth, Roasted hazelnuts*

Nutritional values:
Energy = 484 kcal (2020 kJ)
Total fat = 25 gram
Saturated fat = 2.5 gram
Carbs = 53 gram
Sugars = 11 gram
Dietery fibers = 7 gram
Protein = 11 gram
Salt = 0 gram