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Golden Crisp Granola GF, Alara, 325g


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Golden Crisp Granola GF, Alara, 325g

Golden Crisp Granola GF, Alara, 325g [V] [GF] [PF]

Organic oats are grown in beautiful and wild Scotland where unspoilt nature, the long summer sun and fertile soils conspire to create tasty oats with an exceptional nutritional profile. Traditionally kiln–dried for maximum flavour and stone-milled in a 200 year old water-powered mill, the last remaining one in Scotland.

Our gluten free oats are baked with crispy rice, coconut blossom nectar and five other ingredients to create delightfully crunchy and utterly delicious granola. Mixed with the perfect balance of apricots and toasted coconut chips, it is just divine.

This gluten-free recipe is suitable for coeliacs and has no added refined sugar or salt. The natural sweetness comes from coconut blossom nectar and the fruits.

NET ZERO CARBON Embedded CO2e per 100g: 161g. We fully offset CO2e by donating to Rainforest Saver.

PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING Recyclable cardboard box and home compostable film.

SUPPORTS LOCAL FARMERS – We source all our oat, barley and rye flakes from British growers.

Hand baked crispy granola made with the finest Scottish oats, apricots and coconut.