Goats Cheese in Oil w/ Herbs, Klompenhoeve, 170g

Organic Goats Cheese in Oil

Goats Cheese in Oil w/ Herbs, Klompenhoeve, 170g

Goat cheese can be a good alternative for people who cannot tolerate cow's milk protein.
They are lovely in Grains Bowls, Salads, Pizza, Marinate in Herbs, Tarts, Cheeseballs, Sandwiches, Crumbled on Pasta, Spreads and Dips and much more!

This fresh goat cheese in sunflower oil is made at De Klompenhoeve Farm in Netherlands.

 Gluten Free

Pasteurized whole goat MILK*, sunflower oil*, garden herbs* 0.3% (pepper mushroom*. rosemary*. thyme*. chives*, parsley*. lovage*), pepper*, laurel*, vegetarian rennet, starter, salt,
* = Organic

Nutritional values

Energy252 kcal (1067 kJ)
Total fat20 gram
Saturated fat13.2 gram
Carbs2.5 gram
Sugars2.5 gram
Protein15 gram
Salt1.1 gram

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