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Fusilli Pasta Buckwheat, YON, 500g 1


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Fusilli Pasta Buckwheat, YON, 500g 1

Fusilli Buckwheat, YON, 500g [V] [GF]

This buckwheat paste consists of 100% buckwheat, nothing else!
The pasta is gluten-free and has a fine, versatile flavor, making it a healthy basis for a variety of dishes.

Instructions: the pasta only needs to cook for 7 minutes!


100% Buckwheat Flour*
* = Organic

Nutritional values

Energy347 kcal (1469 kJ)
Total fat2.9 gram
Saturated fat0.7 gram
Carbs67 gram
Sugars0.9 gram
Dietery fibers4.5 gram
Protein11 gram
Salt0 gram