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Fresh Basil Pesto, LeQrs, 125g [GF]


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Fresh Basil Pesto, LeQrs, 125g [GF]

Fresh Basil Pesto, LeQrs, 125g [GF]

The seasoning from Italy. Real pasta sauce as it should be. No fuss, no additives, just a traditional recipe with an authentic taste. Full of fresh basil, freshly roasted pine nuts and the most delicious old cheese they could find at Leqrs. Tasty gluten free, with no added sugars. Cook pasta for two people, add the sauce (cold) and 4 tbsp cooking liquid. Top your pasta with some arugula or a few roasted tomatoes and your pasta sauce is ready. Pure the best! Delicious with all types of (fresh) pasta or with lasagne.

Sunflower oil*, 25% fresh basil*, CHEESE (MILK), extra virgin olive oil*, water, garlic*, lemon juice*, pine nuts*, sea salt, spices*. * of biological origin

Nutritional values:

Energy455 kcal (1879 kJ)
Total fat45.7 g
Saturated fat8.7 g
Carbs4.4 g
Sugars2.7 g
Dietery fibers1.3 g
Protein6.2 g
Salt1.6 g