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Dried Yeast, BioVegan, 7g 1


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Dried Yeast, BioVegan, 7g 1

Dried Yeast  (7g) [V] [GF]

The BIOVEGAN yeast innovation not only inspires hobby bakers.

How To Use:

Mix the contents of the sachet evenly through the flour.
Do not dissolve directly in water!  
Do not store above 32 ° C.  

7g (for 500g flour) 1 bag corresponds to 12 cubes of fresh yeast

Dried fresh yeast*
* = Organic

Nutritional values ​​dry product per 100g:

Energy320 kcal (1338 kJ)
Total fat1.3 gram
Saturated fat0 gram
Carbs11 gram
Sugars0.2 gram
Dietery fibers29 gram
Protein41 gram
Salt0.2 gram