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Detox, Yogi Tea, 17pc


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Detox, Yogi Tea, 17pc

Detox, Yogi Tea, 17pc [V][GF][PF]

Detox lemon is a refreshing Ayurvedic tea from Yogi Tea with a cleansing effect. In this tea, dandelion is combined with licorice and lemon for a unique tea that ensures that you can start every day fresh and invigorated. In Ayurveda, dandelion is highly valued for its digestive-stimulating effect. Together with liquorice, ginger and sour lemon, this delicious combination allows you to rediscover your inner lightness.

Lemongrass*, dandelion* 22%, ginger*, cinnamon*, liquorice* 11%, lemon myrtle*, lemon peel* 5%, peppermint*, * = Organic