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Dark Chocolate 85%, Happy Chocolate, 200g


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Dark Chocolate 85%, Happy Chocolate, 200g

Dark Chocolate 85%, Happy Chocolate, 200g [PF] [V]

The cocoa beans from this dark chocolate bar (85%) from Happy Chocolate come from Ecuador. In this area of ​​the Amazon, cocoa beans of exceptional quality are grown. It is precisely this cocoa that has a wonderful taste that makes you really happy. Happy Chocolate believes that everyone should be able to experience the happiness of chocolate, including cocoa farmers and the society in which they live. They are happy, we are happy! That's why Happy Chocolate opts for organic & fair trade.


COCOA MASS**, Cane sugar**, COCOA BUTTER**, Vanilla beans**,*
* = Organic and Fair Trade

Nutritional values

Energy =  636 kcal (2628 kJ)
Total fat  = 54 gram
Saturated fat  =  32.7 gram
 = 23.6 gram
 = 13.9 gram
Dietery fibers =
12 gram
 = 7.8 gram
Salt = 0.01 gram