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Daily Delight Almond Yogurt , Abbot Kinney's, 400ml 1

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Daily Delight Almond Yogurt , Abbot Kinney's, 400ml 1

Daily Delight Almond Yoghurt, Abbot Kinney's, 400ml [V]

Daily Delight Almond is made from the best organic almonds from Sicily. No less than 9.5% almonds have been used for the best taste and together with a touch of well-known Abbot Kinney's coconut, the Almond Daily Delight is a delicious vegetable blend to start your day. With no added sugars or aromas: this delicious yoghurt does not need that. Low in fat, easily digestible and a mild taste. Eat it plain, or with your favorite toppings such as fruit or granola. Tip: delicious with fresh roasted nuts! A wonderfully accessible vegetable yoghurt for breakfast or snack.


Water, 9,5% ALMONDS*, 9% coconut cream* (7,2% coconut extract*, water) starch*, 0,2% ALMOND extract*, thickener: guargom*, yoghurt cultures**. *= Organic **= S. thermophilus , L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, B. lactis

Nutritional values for 100g:

Energy89 kcal (368 kJ)
Total fat8.3 gram
Saturated fat2.8 gram
Carbs3.1 gram
Sugars0.6 gram
Protein2.2 gram