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Coffee Beans Blakes, Culture Blend, 250g


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Coffee Beans Blakes, Culture Blend, 250g

Blakes Culture Blend Coffee Beans (250g)


It has been almost a year now since John went to Columbia to visit some Coffee and Cocoa farmers there. His mission was to help them to set up a cooperative. The trip was an eye opener on the conditions in that embattled region, but also showed hopes for a brighter future for the farmers there. He visited many farms, using an array of transportation from bouncing on the back of a truck for miles on end, to motorcycles and even riding on the back of a donkey over mountainous paths that no vehicle could travel on. Hopefully, at some point in the future, we can link up again with those farmers and buy their produce for a special Columbian blend of coffee.

Over the last year, a lot of hard work has been done here in the Blakes office to develop an Irish made product to compliment our quality Swiss chocolate. We have looked at getting the chocolate made here, but have come across the same problems that the original owner of Blakes Chocolate did over ten years ago, namely finding someone in Ireland that can make the chocolate to the same level of quality, whilst maintaining its Fairtrade and Organic certification, as well as the many other unique selling points of our chocolate.

Eventually, we came to the conclusion that this was not possible, at least not yet. So we looked at other complementary products that could be made here. Coffee was an obvious answer.

A year on, we are very proud to launch our locally roasted blend of coffee beans. Blakes Organic Coffee: - Culture Blend.

Culture Blend is a blend of three Organic and Fairtrade coffee beans designed to give our coffee a nice body, with low acidity, and a hint of sweetness. The main bean variety we use is an Arabica bean from Indonesia: Sumatra Mandheling Raja Gayo : The King of the Gayo Mountain. This gives our blend a nice smooth body. To this we add some Peruvian Arabica: HB Grade One, which gives our blend its sweetness and a hint of fruitiness. Then we add a small amount of Indonesian Flores Robusta for that extra kick of caffeine.

After some experimental roasting and tastings to look at possible blending options, we are confident that this blend is something special. Finally, the first full roasting has been complete, the coffee pouched up and ready for sale, and the smell of freshly roasted coffee fills the air.

We hope that you enjoy our Culture Blend coffee as much as we do...