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Coconut w/ Raspberry Yogurt, Abbot Kinney's, 350g

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Coconut w/ Raspberry Yogurt, Abbot Kinney's, 350g

Coconut Yoghurt w/ Raspberry, Abbot Kinney's, 400ml

The Abbot Kinney's coconut start is the first pure vegetable dairy alternative, based on pure coconut milk, without added sugars, preservatives, gluten, lacoten and soy. The sweet and slightly tart raspberries are perfect in combination with the creamy texture and the smooth taste of coconut milk. The Coco Start is rich in vegetable fats that are easily digestible by the body.

 Gluten Free

Coconut milk* 76%, fruitpuree* (raspberry* 17%, water), thickener (guar gum*), yoghurt cultures*.
* = Organic

Nutritional Values:

Energy = 127 kcal (531 kJ)
Total fat = 11.5 gram
Saturated fat = 10.8 gram
Carbs = 4.2 gram
Sugars = 2 gram
Protein =  1.5 gram
Salt = 0.06 gram