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Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnuts, Happy Chocolate, 200g


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Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnuts, Happy Chocolate, 200g

Chocolate Bar Milk & Hazelnuts, Happy Chocolate, 200g

Did you know that this bar is CO2 neutral? The cocoa beans in this milk chocolate bar (34%) from Happy Chocolate come from Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Sierra Leone. And contains no less than 15% hazelnuts. Enjoy your happy moment with this treat and share 5 cents with cocoa farmers from Ecuador for the benefit of the agroforestry project. As a result, these cocoa farmers can be trained and biodiversity is stimulated. This prevents erosion and improves the soil, resulting in the best Fairtrade cocoa. Everyone happy! Our farmers, you as a choco lover and Mother Earth. Enjoy your happy moment!

Cane sugar**, full-fat MILK powder*, cocoa butter**, HAZELNUTS* 15% cocoa mass**, vanilla**. *= Organic, **= Organic and Fairtrade

Nutritional values:

Energy592 kcal (2462 kJ)
Total fat54 g
Saturated fat32.7 g
Carbs23.6 g
Sugars13.9 g
Dietery fibers12 g
Protein7.8 g
Salt0.01 g