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Dark Chocolate Marzipan & Amaretto, Vivani, 100g 1


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Dark Chocolate Marzipan & Amaretto, Vivani, 100g 1

Chocolate Dark Marzipan & Amaretto, Vivani, 100g [PF]

This Vivani dark chocolate bar is filled with a creamy marzipan blend with a subtle hint of Amaretto. A delicious treat for every moment!

Contains alcohol, keep away from children! 


Raw cane sugar*, COCOA mass*, honey marzipan* 15% (ALMONDS*, honey*), 2,5% Amaretto* (60%vol), glucose syrup*, COCOA butter*, Butterfat*, palm fat* (RSPO-cert.). COCOA solids: 60% minimum. Contains alcohol – keep away from children! May contain components of other tree nuts, gluten and MILK.
* = Organic

Nutritional Values per 100g:

Energy470 kcal (1962 kJ)
Total fat22.4 gram
Saturated fat0 gram
Carbs59.5 gram
Sugars0 gram
Dietery fibers0 gram
Protein4.2 gram
Salt0.01 gram