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Dark Chocolate 75%, Vivani, 80g


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Dark Chocolate 75%, Vivani, 80g

Chocolate Dark 75%, Vivani, 80g [PF] [V]

This Vivani dark chocolate consists of 75% cocoa and is sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.

Cocoa from Panama is used for this chocolate, which has a particularly mild taste. This results in a dark chocolate, which nevertheless has a creamy taste. Pure enjoyment!
* vegan and with coconut blossom sugar

COCOA mass*, coconut blossom sugar*, COCOA butter*. COCOA solids: 75% min. May contain components of MILK and GLUTEN.* = Organic

Nutritional values:

Energy2523 kcal (610 kJ)
Total fat50.2 g
Saturated fat31.6 g
Carbs27.1 g
Sugars21.9 g
Dietery fibers10.9 g
Protein6.9 g
Natrium0.03 g
Salt0.07 g