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How you can help:  

  • If you order this special 'Charity Donation' box - we will deliver the equivalent value of farm fresh produce to our charity partners Saint Vincent de Paul

Benefits to you:

  • You can continue to support our farm on the weeks that you are on holidays or are not able to order from us. (Thank you, we really appreciate it!)
  • You will be helping these great charities who really value our fresh produce
Benefits to us:

  • When we have a 'surplus' of food e.g. too much broccoli in our fields and it needs to be eaten and FAST .... we can donate this to charity on your behalf - minimising food waste and saving Planet Earth's precious resources. 
  • We can keep our staff employed during the Summer months as this is typically a quiet time for us. This will mean happier staff and happier staff ultimately results in...... happier customers! 
  • We're able to deliver our healthy nutritious fruit & veg to even more people - sharing food with those who need it the most and helping to strengthen our community.   

By taking part in this “Pay it Forward” initiative, it really helps us out, helps out the charities and you also get to be part of something bigger that is really worthwhile. 

This small gesture can make a BIG difference in the lives of those who really need our help. 

Thanks in advance, we really appreciate your support. 

Kenneth & Jenny