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Chard, IRISH 250g

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Chard, IRISH 250g

Lovely Fresh Organic Chard from Ireland.

Chard is similar to spinach or beetroot tops. It's a delicious dark, leafy green and the stalks can come white or in a rainbow of colours. Separate the stalks from the leaves and cook them first as they need a little longer to cook than the tender leaves.

Recipe Ideas:

- Sauté the sliced stalks for 4 minutes or so with olive oil and chopped garlic until soft, then add the leaves and some seasoning and sauté for just another minute until wilted. Eat as a side or add to some of the dishes below.

- Add to omelettes with mushrooms and cheese.

- Add to filo pies with lots of chopped parsley and dill, feta and red onion with a little nutmeg. Wrap up and bake into a chard spanakopita.

- Pile onto toast and top with crumbled feta or a poached egg.

- Stir through pasta or risotto or add to stir fries or stews.