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Cacao Powder, Happy Chocolate, 250g

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Cacao Powder, Happy Chocolate, 250g

Cacao Powder, Happy Chocolate, 250g [V]

This cocoa powder is made from Fairtrade cocoa from Peru or the Dominican Republic.
This quality cocoa beans are needed for cocoa powder that really makes you happy. And doesn't happiness feel best when you can share it with others?
Happy Chocolate believes that everyone should be able to experience the happiness of chocolate, including cocoa farmers and the society in which they live.
They are happy, we are happy! That's why Happy Chocolate chooses organic & Fairtrade. € 0.05 from the proceeds of each Happy Chocolate product will go to the agroforestry project. This project helps cocoa farmers in Peru on their way to extra income and a successful and sustainable cocoa trade. Every bite or sip really makes a difference!


100% COCOA powder*
* = Organic

Nutritional Values:

Energy346 kcal (1449 kJ)
Total fat11 gram
Saturated fat6.5 gram
Carbs14.1 gram
Sugars0 gram
Dietery fibers46 gram
Protein24.9 gram
Salt0.3 gram