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Buckwheat Flakes, YON, 250g


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Buckwheat Flakes, YON, 250g

Buckwheat Flakes, 250g [PF] [V]

100% buckwheat flakes, so no added sugars.
These naturally gluten-free flakes are easily digestible and very nutritious.
With some yogurt, cottage cheese, milk and fruit, a delicious complete breakfast is created.
That is waking up… or having lunch!

Note: may contain traces of gluten.

Buckwheat flakes*,* = Organic

Nutritional values:

Energy411 kcal (1720 kJ)
Total fat1.7 gram
Saturated fat0.4 gram
Carbs85 gram
Sugars0 gram
Dietery fibers10 gram
Protein8 gram
Salt0.25 gram