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Almond Biscuits, Rhythm, 135g


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Almond Biscuits, Rhythm, 135g

Biscuits Almond, Rhythm 108, 135g [GF] [PF] [V]

This almond biscuit takes us back to memories of summer in small Italian villages with brightly colored walls and narrow cobbled streets.

Made with organic almonds, oats and coconut oil. You can't taste that this biscotti has no refined sugar, wheat or butter.
Delicious plant-based, to share or keep for yourself.

Gluten-free OAT flour* (28%), coconut oil (28%), ALMONDS (26%), coconut flower sugar, baking powder (cream of tatar, sodium bicarbonate), bitter ALMOND oil. * = Organic

Nutritional values:

Energy529 kcal (2113 kJ)
Total fat32 g
Saturated fat21 g
Carbs52.4 g
Sugars17.2 g
Dietery fibers3.04 g
Protein0 g
Salt0.8 g