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Bio Bubbles, Sonett, 45ml 1


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Bio Bubbles, Sonett, 45ml 1

Bio Bubbles, Sonett, 45ml
The first soap bubbles from raw materials in organic quality, with natural shellacfor beautiful, colourful and long-lasting soap bubbles. A toy for kids and adults to have fun with outdoors. The soap bubbles can be blown through ringsof three different sizes and have been tested in accordance with CE safetystandards. This product has the NCS Label (Natural Cosmetics Standard) whichcertifies that the producer uses organically grown raw materials, No GMO, Nomicroplastics, No parabens, silicones and phthalates, environmentally friendly recyclable packaging, All the above is controlled by EcoControl Germany.

Sonett is one of the pioneers of ecological laundry detergents and cleaners. They have been setting standards for 40 years. Thanks to their excellent quality Sonett products are available in almost every European country.

All Sonett raw materials are completely biodegradable and free of:

  • synthetic fragrances, 
  • dyestuffs and preservatives, 
  • enzymes,
  • petrochemical surfactants, 
  • bleaching agents, 
  • GMO, 
  • nanotechnology. 

The oils used for their soaps and all of the essential oils originate 100% from certified organic cultivation.

All Sonett products are hypoallergenic.

Applicationand dosage:
Simply dip in and blow through rings of three different sizes.

, glycerine*, alcohol*, alkylpolyglucoside C8–C16 (coco glucoside),xanthan gum, shellac*, * = certified organically grown