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Almond Drink, Provamel, 1L


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Almond Drink, Provamel, 1L

Almond Drink UNSWEETENED, Provamel, 1L [GF] [V]

Love almonds?

Then you'll love the subtle roasted flavor of the new unsweetened almond drink made from European almonds.

This drink has a smooth texture with no added sugars, packed with the flavor of real almonds. Taste it nice and cold from the glass, in your oatmeal or in your coffee.

Water, ALMOND * 5% European, maïsmaltodextrine *, sea salt, stabilizer (gellan gum), * = Organic

Nutritional values

Energy29 kcal (121 kJ)
Total fat2.5 gram
Saturated fat0.2 gram
Unsaturated fat0 gram
Vet meervoudig onverzadigd0 gram
Carbs0.4 gram
Sugars0 gram
Dietery fibers0.1 gram
Protein1 gram
Salt0 gram