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Vegan Aioli, Byodo, 250ml 1

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Vegan Aioli, Byodo, 250ml 1

Aioli Vegan, Byodo, 250ml [V] [GF] [PF]

The vegan aioli is a real winner among the Byodo sauces, extra virgin olive oil and white condiment mixed with fresh organic garlic, which makes for a creamy and light salad dressing that contains only a fat content of 42%.


Sunflower oil (40%), water, agave juice concentrate*, extra virgin olive oil*, white condiment* (white wine vinegar*, concentrated grape must*), vinegar*, MUSTARD* (water, vinegar*, MUSTARD seeds*, sea salt) broth* (rock salt, CORN starch*, onion* , KaroCen*, spices*, herbs*), rock salt, CORN starch*, garlic* (0.6%), sunflower protein*, thickener: guar gum*, arrowroot*, curry*, *= Organic

Nutritional Values:

Energy      406 kcal (1672 kJ)
Total fat      42 gram
 Saturated fat      3.5 gram
 Carbs      4.6 gram
 Sugars      4.5 gram
 Dietery fibers      0 gram
 Protein      1.4 gram
 Salt      1.4 gram